BranchCommit messageAuthorAge
masterDocument the environment variables CHUTNEY_TOR and CHUTNEY_TOR_GENCERT.cypherpunks6 years
pep8-fixesStyle and format fixesDaniel Martí6 years
AgeCommit messageAuthor
2015-01-23Document the environment variables CHUTNEY_TOR and CHUTNEY_TOR_GENCERT.HEADmastercypherpunks
2015-01-21recommend python 2.7; nobody reasonable supports 2.6 and we do not work with 2.6Nick Mathewson
2015-01-10Add bridge clients and hidden services to chutney verifyteor
2015-01-10Include bridge clients in chutney verifyteor
2014-12-30Automatically create hidden service directory for hidden servicesteor
2014-12-30Merge commit '05d9d63548dff686f66b2f1322a7f80e452462a1'Nick Mathewson
2014-12-29Now that chutney moves dirs on config, can stopNick Mathewson
2014-12-29A few python3 fixesNick Mathewson
2014-12-29Actually, when we're told to configure, move the old 'nodes' dirNick Mathewson
2014-12-29Merge remote-tracking branch 'huig/master'Nick Mathewson